Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in children’s instruction and teach students as young as age four in our Little Ninjas program

We provide a FREE uniform in all of our introductory memberships. For the first class just wear a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt and we’ll fit you for a uniform.

Our program is based on a foundation of traditional Tae Kwon Do with influences from a variety of martial arts. Our staff has an extensive background training in multiple systems and we pass on the best lessons from different martial arts. 

Our enrollment is a one year membership that you can cancel at anytime without penalty. Our goal is to provide the highest value of martial arts training as possible. There are no belt fees, exam fees, or registration costs beyond your monthly membership.

Our program is very flexible and we allow students to come as often as they like to the appropriate class for their age and rank.  If you miss a class you are welcome to make it up at any time. 

We teach students of all ages beginning at age four.  We have many adults as well parents of our younger students in class.   

The unique goal structure of our martial arts program is designed to keep the student motivated and progressing.  While we use a traditional belt ranking system the color of the belt is really just a marker of the students progress.  

Yes!  We teach students with a wide range of abilities.

A martial art is a fighting art so we believe that every student should be able to protect themself at some level depending on their physical and mental capabilities. Our sparring classes are safe, well controlled, and always properly supervised. Our students learn to use their martial arts techniques in appropriate ways with an emphasis on quality technique and positive self control. 

Just give us a call to set up your FREE One Month Trial in any of our programs. 

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