Go to the heart of danger…

…for there you’ll find safety.  This is another lesson from the Pendekar.  If you want to defeat a boxer, you have to first learn how to box. To defeat a grappler you must first learn how to grapple.  In order to be a complete martial artist its important to recognize our strengths and weaknesses.  We of course need to take advantage of our natural gifts and talents but greater development comes from admitting, and then strengthening, our weaknesses.  It is so easy to focus on or strengths, the things we’re good at, and stay in our comfort zone.  Its when we expand our comfort zone though that we truly begin to grow as martial artists.

In a broader sense this applies to all areas of our lives.  The easy stuff doesn’t make us grow.  It’s when we face our challenges, admit our weaknesses, and go to that uncomfortable place where we realize we have work to do that makes us better or provides a solution to a problem.

Its equally important to realize that you can’t always face those challenges alone.  You may need education, instruction, guidance, counselling, or just the support of a friend.  Asking for help in a difficult situation is often the most uncomfortable part but it may be the most important thing to do.

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